Alex Vazquez
PSG Senior Architect at TIBCO Software with a focus on Cloud Development, Event Processing and Enterprise Integration
Work meeting
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We all go through several recruiting processes each year. We might not feel comfortable about our current company or role. I tend to use them to see what is available outside and make sure I am not getting rusty.

I don’t apply to online offers in normal situations, but when…

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If you also looking for items that could help you to improve your travel kit, take a look at these items I bought from AliExpress I bought during the 11/11 and Black Friday season. Join me on this journey!!

Cable Organizer for Your Team Items

If you are traveling and you are like me probably you…

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At this time, we all know that the default deployment mode for any application we would like to launch will be a container-based platform and, especially, it will be a Kubernetes-based platform.

But we already know that there are a lot of different flavors of Kubernetes distributions, I even wrote…

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There are a lot of new challenges that come with the new development pattern in a much more distributed and collaborative way, and how we manage the dependencies is crucial to our success.

Kubernetes and dedicated distributions have become the new standard of deployment for our cloud-native application and provide…

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Here we are for the third post about how the process of using Notion as my default system to handle notes for my work and personal stuff is going. And after some initial series about how I would like to use Notion and how I was using it at the…

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Last month we already cover some of the items that I bought recently that are helping me on my duty as a remote worker in the tech industry to be able to perform my activity at my best possible level without losing all the flexibility and possibilities that the working…

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All Companies are moving towards a transformation, changing the current workloads on application servers running on virtual machines on a Data Center towards a cloud-native architecture where applications have been decomposed on different services that run as isolated components using containers and managing by a Kubernetes-based platform.

We started with…

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We all know that there are a lot of things in AliExpress, some of them work as expected and you love them as soon as you get it at home and some don’t meet your expectations and they disappointed you a bit.

My idea here is to try to save…

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We are living a moment of maximum exposure to content creation with software development topics. The last news regarding this topic is the creation of a specific section regarding Software Development Channels in the popular streaming platform Twitch:

And that is just an additional stage on the trend that we…

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If you already have been around the tech industry lately you know that gRPC is becoming one of the most popular protocols for integration among components, mainly microservices because of its benefits comparing with other standard solutions such as REST or SOAP.

There are other alternatives that are also becoming…

Alex Vazquez

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