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  • Ben Dorman

    Ben Dorman

  • Apigee


    The cross-cloud API platform. Delivering the products that make every business a digital business.

  • Kubernetes Advocate

    Kubernetes Advocate

    Founder and CEO of Kubernetes Advocate Tech author, cloud-native architect, entrepreneur, and startup advisor. Vineet Sharma devopsadvocate2@gmail.com

  • Félix López

    Félix López

    Opinions entirely my own. Sr Eng manager @eventbrite ex @google . Management, critical thinking & psychology. http://medium.com/@flopezluis/

  • Bernd Rücker

    Bernd Rücker

  • Javier Ramos

    Javier Ramos

    Certified Java Architect/AWS/GCP/Azure/K8s: Microservices/Docker/Kubernetes, AWS/Serverless/BigData, Kafka/Akka/Spark/AI, JS/React/Angular/PWA @JavierRamosRod

  • Jennifer M. Wilson

    Jennifer M. Wilson

    My midlife crisis and adventures along the way. I write because in real life my humor is allegedly too sarcastic and inappropriate. MediumNinjaGirl@gmail.com

  • Alex Ellis

    Alex Ellis

    CNCF Ambassador. OpenFaaS & Inlets founder — https://www.alexellis.io

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