GraphQL Support in Flogo Enterprise

With the recent release of Flogo Enterprise 2.6 (please take your time to take a look at the release notes to know all the news that have been released), it has been included support to GraphQL.

GraphQL Schema Definition
  • Queries are GET-style request to get information. In our case, we have two queries currentUser and company.
  • Mutations are POST/PUT-style request to modify information. In our case, we have three mutations: registerUser, registerCompany, asignUser.
  • Model is the different objects and types our queries and mutations interact with.
Creation form of the new app named GraphQL_Sample_V1
  • Swagger specification
  • GraphQL Schema
Autogenerated flows based on GraphQL schema
Query_currentUser flow
Photo by Yvette de Wit on Unsplash
Build option to windows
GraphQL Flogo app running in Windows console
“query” : “query($email: String!) { currentUser( email: $email) { id firstName email } }”,
“variables” : {“email” : “” }
Postman Execution of GraphQL
“query” : “query($email: String!) { currentUser( email: $email) { id } }”,
“variables” : {“email” : “” }
GraphQL output with only returning id

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