Issue #1 — Cloud-Native Untangled: 04/04/2022–04/10/2022

Your Weekly Summary of What I Found More Relevant in the Cloud-Native Ecosystem.

Alex Vazquez
3 min readApr 9, 2022



On this issue, I decided to include the articles that impacted me the most, and at the same time, I think they can provide great content to you if you come with me on this journey.

We will start by talking about the critical concepts at the core of the container world and how to stop letting the word Docker confuse us all to refer to different components and projects.

We will continue with one of the essential standards for the near future, such as OpenTelemetry, the way to go since today to enable an interoperable distributed tracing strategy.

And we will end with one of the ways to shift left security in our processes by including security and other kinds of checks even before the code reach the repository.


Don´t use Docker in production! Use this…


This article covers all the definitions that are relevant in the containerization world. Especially when we try to name everything as docker, Benjamin will help us understand the different objects from the Docker project, the evolution of the alternatives, and the current state in a Kubernetes environment.


The article is very relevant because this misunderstanding about the different components required when we run a container in a Kubernetes environment generates additional noise, as we have seen in the past, and a lot of confusion in the industry itself. So this is a must-read to start calling this for the right name.

Learn OpenTelemetry tracing with this lightweight microservices demo



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