Issue #3 — Cloud-Native Untangled: 04/18/2022–04/24/2022

Your Weekly Summary of What I Found More Relevant in the Cloud-Native Ecosystem.

Alex Vazquez
3 min readApr 24, 2022



On this issue, I decided to bring some articles that cover the different perspectives of several relevant topics we usually cover here such as Automation, Security, or Messaging.

We will start by a deep look to the internals of one of the most popular messaging system such as Kafka, with several videos we will see the principles about this great system to be able to use it at its maximum.

We will continue talking about security again, this time about the new features included into the Docker Desktop focusing on creating a bill of materials of the images

And we will end with one article about one of the most famous open-source tools for automation such as Terraform and what are the next steps to scale your platform using Terraform! I hope you like this selection as much as I did.


How Apache Kafka Works: An Introduction to Kafka’s Internals


Apache Kafka has been a revolution to bring to the fresh developer the messaging needs and the event-driven patterns from the 90’s with a full refresh based on the awesome work the LinkedIn folks has done. Even with that it requires a mind change and knowledge about the fundamentals to use it properly and this is what this article covers.


To do an effective usage of the platform even as a developer you need to know about the concepts and how the internal works so this way you can ensure that you are using it in a proper way. With these videos you will get a great foundation of the Kafka internals or even if you are already using it, you can get a refresh on your knowledge.

How to Improve Docker Security with ‘docker sbom’ and…



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