Issue #6 — Cloud-Native Untangled: 05/09/2022–05/15/2022

Your Weekly Summary of What I Found More Relevant in the Cloud-Native Ecosystem.

Alex Vazquez



Cloud Cost Management is the topic for this issue and I hope I have brought to you a different perspective to first think about how to improve cloud cost management but also how tools and techniques we have at our disposal to optimize cloud costs.

We will start with a look at how we can apply FinOps techniques in our Kubernetes clusters to make sure we are able to get all the data we need from our Kubernetes workloads.

We will continue talking about the cloud cost risks more from a management perspective and how you can protect yourself against them.

And we will end with an educational journey to understand how the cloud costs work and why they are so complicated to understand.

Come with me on this journey!


Adopting FinOps tool for pod-level Kubernetes cost management


Technical perspective to the Cloud Management and this CNCF article covers how we can use FinOps tools to help us in the process of knowing precisely the cost of our components and limiting them so the total cost doesn’t go to the roof.


We saw in the latest months a constant reminder of the importance of observability to know everything that is happening in our clusters, and everything goes around the three pillars: metrics, logs, and traces. But to have a complete view, we also need to add the cost aspect of it, especially if we are talking about a public cloud deployment

Cloud Costs Are a Risk to Your Business: Here’s How to Protect Yourself



Alex Vazquez

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