Kiali 101: Understanding and Utilizing this Essential Istio Service Mesh Management Tool

Alex Vazquez
5 min readJan 2

What Is Kiali?

Kiali is an open-source project that provides observability for your Istio service mesh. Developed by Red Hat, Kiali helps users understand the structure and behavior of their mesh and any issues that may arise.

Kiali provides a graphical representation of your mesh, showing the relationships between the various service mesh components, such as services, virtual services, destination rules, and more. It also displays vital metrics, such as request and error rates, to help you monitor the health of your mesh and identify potential issues.

What are Kiali Main Capabilities?

One of the critical features of Kiali is its ability to visualize service-to-service communication within a mesh. This lets users quickly see how services are connected, and requests are routed through the mesh. This is particularly useful for troubleshooting, as it can help you quickly identify problems with service communication, such as misconfigured routing rules or slow response times.

Kiali 101: Understanding and Utilizing this Essential Service Mesh Management Tool

Kiali also provides several tools for monitoring the health of your mesh. For example, it can alert you to potential problems, such as a high error rate or a service not responding to requests. It also provides detailed tracking information, allowing you to see the exact path a request took through the mesh and where any issues may have occurred.

In addition to its observability features, Kiali provides several other tools for managing your service mesh. For example, it includes a traffic management module, which allows you to control the flow of traffic through your mesh easily, and a…

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