TIBCO BW ECS Logging Support

Alex Vazquez
7 min readDec 3, 2023

TIBCO BW ECS Logging Support is becoming one demanded feature based on the increased usage of the Elastic Common Schema for the log aggregation solution based on the Elastic stack (previously known as ELK stack)

We have already commented a lot about the importance of log aggregation solutions and their benefits, especially when discussing container architecture. Because of that, today, we will focus on how we can adapt our BW applications to support this new logging format.

Because the first thing that we need to know is the following statement: Yes, this can be done. And it can be done non-dependant on your deployment model. So, the solution provided here works for both on-premises solutions as well as container deployments using BWCE.

TIBCO BW Logging Background

TIBCO BusinessWorks (container or not) relies on its logging capabilities in the logback library, and this library is configured using a file named logback.xml that could have the configuration that you need, as you can see in the picture below:

BW ECS Logging: Sample of Logback.xml default config

Logback is a well-known library for Java-based developments and has an architecture based on a core solution and plug-ins that extend its current capabilities. It’s this plug-in approach that we are going to do to support ECS.

Even in the ECS Official documentation covers the configuration of enabling this logging configuration when using the Logback solution as you can see in the picture below and this official link:

BW ECS Logging: ECS Java Dependency Information

In our case, we don’t need to add the dependency anywhere but just download the dependency, as we will need to include to the existing OSGI bundles for the TIBCO BW installation. We will need just two files that are the following ones:

  • ecs-logging-core-1.5.0.jar
  • logback-ecs-encoder-1.5.0.jar

At the moment of writing this article, current versions are 1.5.0 for each of them, but…



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