Ultimate Cloud-Native Newsletter — Issue #1

This is the newsletter that brings to you a curated selection of interesting articles about cloud native architectures. In this week issue we cover the increasing the usage of private clouds inside the organisations, the important role of services meshes in your architecture and we introduce Loki a new project from Gafana Labs team to provide a different perspective to the Log Management.

Breaking News

Are Private Clouds Proliferating?thenewstack.io

The average number of private clouds being used or experimented with jumped 3.9 to 4.9 in the latest study Flexera 2021 State of the Cloud Report. That’s more than the average 3.4 public clouds in the same study. Google Anthos rapidly picked up users and ‘ Outposts also saw gains. On the “private cloud” side […]

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Going Deeper on Cloud Technology

Commutations is one of the key items that have changed the most with the proliferation of all the new paradigms associated with cloud-native development and one of the key concepts that emerge as a solution to most of these new challenges is the Service Mesh.

Why Do You Need Istio When You Already Have Kubernetes?thenewstack.io

Tetrate sponsored this post. If you’ve heard of service mesh and tried Istio, you may have the following questions: Why is Istio running on Kubernetes? What is the role of Kubernetes and a service mesh in the cloud native application architecture, respectively? What aspects of Kubernetes does Istio extend? What problems does it solve? What […]

The post Why Do You Need Istio When You Already Have Kubernetes? appeared first on The New Stack.

Linkerd as the Solution to Solve your Communication Challenges in the Microservice Architecturemedium.com

CNCF-sponsored service Mesh Linkerd provides a lot of needed features in nowadays microservices architectures.

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Project of the Week

Discover Loki: A Lightweight Alternative to the ELK stackmedium.com

Learn about the new horizontally-scalable, highly-available, multi-tenant log aggregation system inspired by Prometheus.

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Quote of the Week

“cloud-native is not a synonym for microservices…if cloud native has to be a synonym for anything, it would be idempotent” — Holly Cummins



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