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Alex Vazquez
PSG Senior Architect at TIBCO Software with a focus on Cloud Development, Event Processing and Enterprise Integration
Work meeting
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We all go through several recruiting processes each year. We might not feel comfortable about our current company or role. I tend to use them to see what is available outside and make sure I am not getting rusty.

I don’t apply to online offers in normal situations, but when…

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Last month we already cover some of the items that I bought recently that are helping me on my duty as a remote worker in the tech industry to be able to perform my activity at my best possible level without losing all the flexibility and possibilities that the working…

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All Companies are moving towards a transformation, changing the current workloads on application servers running on virtual machines on a Data Center towards a cloud-native architecture where applications have been decomposed on different services that run as isolated components using containers and managing by a Kubernetes-based platform.

We started with…

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We all know that there are a lot of things in AliExpress, some of them work as expected and you love them as soon as you get it at home and some don’t meet your expectations and they disappointed you a bit.

My idea here is to try to save…

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We are living a moment of maximum exposure to content creation with software development topics. The last news regarding this topic is the creation of a specific section regarding Software Development Channels in the popular streaming platform Twitch:

And that is just an additional stage on the trend that we…

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If you already have been around the tech industry lately you know that gRPC is becoming one of the most popular protocols for integration among components, mainly microservices because of its benefits comparing with other standard solutions such as REST or SOAP.

There are other alternatives that are also becoming…

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It is always the same pattern regarding technical terms when they go beyond the normal really techy forum and reach a more “mainstream” level in the industry. As soon as this happens, the term starts to lose its meaning, and it starts to be like a wildcard word that can…

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Apps are part of our life and part of our creation and work process. Especially the ones that are working in the software industry pretty much each task that we need to accomplish you need to use a tool (if not more than one) as part of this process and…

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This is the second post in the Adoption Notion series that I have started a few weeks ago, so If you would like to know more about this, please take a look to the post below:

I have been used Notion for some days now, and I need to say…

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Java language has been the language leader for generations. Pretty much every piece of software has been created with Java: Web Servers, Messaging System, Enterprise Application, Development Frameworks, and so on. This predominance has been shown in the most important indexes like the TIOBE index, as is shown below:

Alex Vazquez

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